Dialing Up The Cutter EP

by Chronoboros

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released November 11, 2015

Nikos - Guitars/ Throat
Yannis - Bass
Jason - Drums

All music written and performed by Chronoboros
All lyrics written by Nikos Zalimoglou

Recorded live at Hxovruxio Studio Sep 2015
Recorded by George Pavlidis & John Pasakalidis
Mixed by John Pasakalidis
Produced by John Pasakalidis & Chronoboros
Mastered by Carl Saff

Artwork by Sealitwithsilver



all rights reserved


Chronoboros Athens, Greece


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Track Name: Gut Tracker
Break it down!
Gone straight to abolition
Did it come up/ did it come up/ did it come up
Go bait the evolution
Gone straight to abolition
Did it come up/ did it come up/ did it come up
Track Name: Raise These Wolves (Like They Were Mine)
They bark and foam/ this time
At the mouth the blackest prism
They sell their own/ carpriders
Like a bunch of meat in vitro
Diffracting all
Bodies lurking under-seasoned

Syncopated off the trodden home
Callous to see, the gnaw is willing
As it churns the foul vessel born
Canid shrills that tear the scripture

Usurp the throne
And kill your kin
Ordered bygone
Starved pack closing in
Track Name: Harpoon
Take it/ Slide

I should have killed my son
I should have killed
The sun is brighter than the sea
Track Name: Bison Unit
Barren life eternal/ to spill to spill it/ cower/ to the ground to the ground
Demi-god of violence/ to trick to trick it/ silence/ filling up filling up
Shriners congregating/ master to kill it/ paragon/ eat it up eat it up
Mindless feral sinew/ sickle cavernous/ trophies/ piling up piling up

Ripping time
Tore the fabric you devised
Rip it apart
Cycle break and subsidize

Covet rise
Something’s out to circumscribe
Sicker than mine
Ravenous inbreed pigskin tight
Track Name: Clean Cop
Got sent those lies
Blank shot your teeth
Go cassette those lies
God speak

Brought tethered in light
Knot tighter than rim
Sworn heaven aside
Duct in

How the fallen are so serene
How the tape stays dry
How the fuck a sarco-factory
Meant to bend your lies